Ear Piercing

We now offer ear piercing and piercing care services!

See our catalog and policies below.

Earring Catalog
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Ear Piercing Policies

How do I schedule an ear piercing?

Ear Piercings are by appointment only, and cannot be added to an existing scheduled appointment.
If you would like to have numbing cream for your child, you must arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Patients more than 5 minutes late may be required to reschedule.

When is payment due for ear piercings?

Payment is due at the time your appointment is scheduled. Sorry, payment plans are not available for this service. If you have an overdue balance, it must be paid before ear piercing services can be provided.

How much are ear piercing services?

Ear piercing: $60.00. Numbing cream: $10.00. The after-care services are included in the fees above.

Are there age limits or other requirements for ear piercing?

a. The patient must be 4 months or older, and they must have had their 4-month vaccines before proceeding.
b. Parents/Guardians must be present. We will not pierce ears if they are not here, regardless of who is on the consent to accompany the child.
c. Boys may receive ear piercings, however, the parent/guardian will have to pay for the complete set of two earrings.
d. We will only do one set of piercings (one hole per ear), and we will not pierce cartillage or noses.
e. Patients must select earrings from our catalog displayed here on our website. We don't provide special orders aside from what is shown, and you cannot bring in your own earrings.