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Frequently asked questions

Will a Stairlift fit my stairs?

Yes there is a stairlift solution to fit ALL stairs. Straight, curved, even spirals!

Which type of stairlift is best for me?

If you are able to sit and stand without much problem then a stairlift is probably the best solution. Straight stairlifts fit onto straight stairways and curved stairlifts are custom made to go around corners. If you have difficulty sitting up and getting up again or use a wheelchair, a 'through floor' lift may be a better option. This also enables you to move up and downstairs without leaving your wheelchair.

How much does a Stairlift cost?

Stairlift costs vary and an accurate price can only be given after a visit and survey at your property. As a guide;

  • A good quality reconditioned straight stairlift starts from around £800.00
  • A brand new straight stairlift will start from around £1350.00
  • A good quality reconditioned curved stairlift will start around £2700.00
  • A brand new curved stairlift will start from around £3500.00
You can also rent both straight and curved stairlifts from as little as £50 per calendar month. An initial installation, admin, and future removal fee will be payable up front. Again these fees start from around £400 for a straight stairlift and £1600.00 for a curved stairlift. All quoted prices are a guide only and an accurate price would be subject to survey.

How quickly can I get a stairlift installed?

A standard straight stairlift can be fitted the very next day! Curved stairlifts are bespoke pieces of equipment and therefore take a little longer, approximately 2-3 weeks.

Are reconditioned stairlifts as good as new ones?

Reconditioned stairlifts are undoubtedly cheaper and we ensure that they are fitted correctly and that all parts are tested and are deemed safe and reliable to be used in your home. Our second-hand stairlifts come with the same guarantee and after-care service so you will have complete peace of mind when buying from us. Beware of buying cheap stairlifts from places such as online auction sites etc. If it looks too good to be true, chances are it is! - Only buy from reputable companies!