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  • What is telehealth?
    Telehealth is a two-way, real-time communication between a patient (e.g. at home) and a provider at a distant site. It includes, at a minimum, audio and visual equipment and is basically a video-chat with your provider.
  • How does a telehealth exam work?
    Using a smart-phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with a webcam, you can speak with your child’s provider about a wide range of topics. Your provider will also conduct a visual physical exam by looking at your child’s general physical state and inspecting closely other body systems as necessary.
  • What types of health concerns are eligible for telehealth exams?
    • ADHD Evaluations and Follow-ups • Behavioral or Emotional Issues • Respiratory Clinic Follow-Ups • Weight Management Follow-ups • Breastfeeding Support • Transition of Care (when moving from our practice to an adult clinic) • Feeding issues • Cough and Cold WITHOUT fever or history of asthma • Seasonal allergies • Nosebleeds • Pink Eye • Thrush • Skin Rashes and Insect Bites
  • Is telehealth covered by my insurance?
    Right now just about all insurance companies are paying for telehealth. There may be some restrictions on who you can use depending on your private insurance. If you are not sure that your insurance will allow you to see your doctor using video-chat, please call them and verify. In most cases, if you normally owe a co-pay you will need to pay one before your telehealth appointment. State insurance plans in Georgia (example: Medicaid) ARE paying for telehealth.
  • Do I have the right equipment for a telehealth visit?
    Tips for a better telemedicine visit: • Connect to WiFi for the best experience. • Make sure the device you are using has a working camera and microphone. • On Android and iOS devices you can now use a supported browser or the mobile app (Android, iOS). • Make sure you are using a supported browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari) that is updated to its latest version. • Please log in 15 minutes before your appointment time.
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