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Current Opportunities

Clinical/Nursing Positions (2 open)

The Clinical Team represents each family's first encounter with highly trained, compassionate medical expertise and care. This team must ensure the timely, accurate, and efficient flow of patient care, both medically and administratively, throughout the entire organization. Open: LPN & CMA Summary of Responsibilities

  1. Assumes responsibility for the effective delivery of assigned nursing care.
  2. Ensures effective and timely communication with the treating physician and other care providers.
  3. Accepts responsibility for the development and maintenance of an effective, courteous patient communication process.
  4. Assumes responsibility for effectively completing medical support functions.
  5. Assumes responsibility for maintaining and updating patient charts and records.
  6. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining professional relations with patients, families and external caregivers.
  7. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with other healthcare workers, area personnel and management.
  8. Handles telephone calls and patient messages.

Education, Certification, Licensure, & Experience

  1. Must have current LPN or CMA license as applicable.
  2. Must have a minimum of 1 year related experience.

Provider Positions

To ensure Provider professionalism, our practice must maintain a framework that demands providers' commitment to patient welfare and community health. Core qualities of medical professionalism include: • Excellence, or a dedication to high quality care and continual improvement • Humanism, or a devotion to human welfare • Accountability, or the responsibility of providers to hold themselves to high standards of care and to put patients first in all they do • Altruism, or unselfish devotion to the welfare of others When the right infrastructure is in place to ensure provider professionalism, each provider will deliver personalized, responsive care and the practice will increase in value for both providers and patients. Open: None at this time.

Admin Positions

The Front Desk Team serves as the front lines of customer service for the Clinic. As a team, your friendly, caring, can-do attitude will set the tone for each family's total first impression. Your proactive attitude and actions will educate families to ensure they have clear and appropriate expectations for their visits, ensure family patient information is disseminated appropriately to other parts of the SPC team, and ensure families are satisfied with their visits and clear on any necessary follow-ups upon check-out and departure. Open: None at this time.

Medical Billing Positions

The Billing Team serves an indispensable role as the connection between medical service providers, patients, and insurance/pay sources. As a team, your friendly, proactive attitude and attention to detail will help ensure strong financial accountability and maximize revenues and operational efficiency for the Clinic. Open: None at this time.